Dr. Stephen J. Harney

Contact Lens, Sports Vision and Primary Eye Care

Dr. Harney has more than 25 years experience as a contact lens specialist, optometrist, teacher and clinical research investigator. With extensive training as a contact lens specialist he is especially skilled in the field of cornea and contact lenses, and has attained the status of Diplomate in the Cornea and Contact Lens section of the American Academy of Optometry.

Education: Dr. Harney is a graduate of Saint Anselm College (Manchester, NH) where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Biology and New England College of Optometry (Boston) where he earned his Doctorate in Optometry. Dr. Harney has postdoctoral training in the specialty of contact lens with Dr. Donald R. Korb of Boston. Dr. Korb is a world renowned specialist and inventor of the hydrogel (membrane) contact lens and internationally recognized expert in dry eye conditions and contact lens disorders of the ocular surface.

Faculty Appointments: Dr. Harney has held positions as Adjunct Clinical Instructor at the New England College of Optometry and its teaching facility, the New England Eye Institute of Boston, where he served as instructor in all phases of contact lens practice. As Adjunct Clinical Instructor in Advanced Contact Lens Care at the New England College of Optometry, Dr. Harney served as instructor in the care of unusual corneal conditions, requiring specialized contact lens designs.

Staff Appointments: As a contact lens and sports vision specialist, Dr. Harney presently heads the Contact Lens Section of Charles River Eye Associates. For more than 25 years, he headed the Contact Lens Department at the Leahey Eye Clinic in Lowell, Massachusetts. While there he served the distinct honor of being team vision specialist for the Boston Red Sox “single A” affiliate (Lowell Spinners) and the American Hockey League New York and Carolina affiliate (Lowell Lock Monsters). Dr. Harney is a Sub-Investigator for Ophthalmic Research Associates (ORA) of North Andover, Massachusetts. ORA is an ophthalmic research and development group where Dr. Harney has participated in over 40 FDA ophthalmic clinical trials.

Honors: In addition to being a Fellow in the American Academy of Optometry, in 1997, Dr. Harney earned the distinction of Diplomate. With this designation, Dr. Harney was honored in joining a select group of doctors representing less than 1% of all optometrists in the world.

Memberships: Dr. Harney is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Rigid Gas Permeable Lens Institute (RGPLI), a former member of the International Academy of Sports Vision, and the International Association of Contact Lens Educators.

Special Interests: Dr. Harney has a special interest in fitting contact lenses to patients with ocular surface and corneal diseases including keratoconus.

Research: Dr. Harney joins Dr. Jack Greiner’s laboratory as a Research Associate at the Schepens Eye Research Institute, Harvard Medical School (Boston). He is involved in clinical research projects on ocular surface diseases and ocular surface trauma related to contact lens wearing. Dr. Harney remains active in clinical research as a sub-investigator at Ophthalmic Research Associates of North Andover (ORA) in the conduct of clinical FDA trials.

Clinical & Research Goals: Dr. Harney’s clinical and research goals are in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for the care of contact lens wearers with disorders and diseases of the ocular surface.

Lectures: Dr. Harney has lectured on contact lens and related ocular surface disease topics at various local and regional optometric meetings.